In Response…

Recently, Eventing Nation posted an article titled, 'Is This Sport Safe Enough? Breaking Down the Latest Eventing Statistics.' I believe that this article is very appropriate for all riders to read, whether eventers or not. The eventing world has seen some hard times in the past couple of months as multiple riders (and horses) have … Continue reading In Response…

The Outbound

This app has changed my life. Why? Because hikes I didn't even know about have become available to me at the tip of my fingers.   For anyone that loves the outdoors (hiking, camping, cycling, etc.), this is the app for you. You can download it free on the app store and gain so much … Continue reading The Outbound

Combatting Stall Rest

We've all been there. When your vet mutters the dreadful words that your prime competition horse is lame and needs time off, a little piece of soul dies. Recently, Raven somehow hurt herself and needed a couple of months off. This wasn't our first rodeo, so I came up with a couple tips I've learned … Continue reading Combatting Stall Rest

Good News!

Last week, I received an email stating that I was admitted into the MBA program at my school. Not only am I relieved that I know what I am doing for the next 10 months, I am excited that I can start the rest of my life. Finding what you want to do "when you … Continue reading Good News!

It’s okay, honestly.

Oh man. I have been gone forever! For awhile there, I had time to dedicate an hour or two to writing a post but geez, school really kicked my booty for the last couple weeks. It seems like I just never have the time to do anything! Right now, I am a senior in college … Continue reading It’s okay, honestly.

Body Language Series: Expressions

Last post was specific to one idea about body language, but this one kind of covers everything else. Once you become familiar with these face and body expressions, it is actually pretty easy to understand what an animal is saying. I am going to cover everything by body part. Ears - All animals have ears … Continue reading Body Language Series: Expressions

OKC – AQHA Worlds!!

That's a wrap everyone! I am now officially done with the Cal Poly Horse Judging Team. I am so grateful for the experience, but I wish it was not over. To commemorate a great season, I am going to share the best (and worst) parts of the AQHA Worlds! I remember walking into Congress and … Continue reading OKC – AQHA Worlds!!

Rando Guys this video is life. So freaking cute and so inspirational! If you don't feel unproductive after watching this day in the life video then you are doing it right and I salute you.   That's all, have a great one 🙂

What’s on my Mind

Let me tell you about my day today. If you don't want to read about how irritating people are, feel free to skip this post! However, I really need to rant about how annoying humanity is at the moment. I know that it's incorrect to lump everyone into one category. I know that people aren't … Continue reading What’s on my Mind

Body Language Series: Flight Zone

 Going off of my last post, I figured I would explain body language a little more. Because I originally understood body language through horses, I naturally want to start there. The first thing I ever learned (mainly through trial and error) is that horses are prey animals. Which means their natural instinct is to flee … Continue reading Body Language Series: Flight Zone