Favorite Things Thursday

I was sitting around my house today and thought I would share some of my favorite things at the moment. These items aren’t just inspirations, some of them I just really like right now or I am just really proud of. Without further ado, I think we should start this list 🙂

1. Flowers in a mason jar.


These flowers were given to me by my boyfriend yesterday. I just love how simplistic and green they are! I live in California with the biggest drought of all droughts, so it’s nice to see something alive. Since I am a college student (this is like the best excuse ever), I don’t own any grown-up vases. Who knew a granola container could make a cute vase? Also, how are you supposed to pronounce vase?

2. My favorite pair of sunglasses.


I bought these glasses on a whim from Target since my favorite pair of aviators were stepped on at a concert (cue the violins). I usually get glasses that are either wayfarers or aviators, so this shape is a little out of my comfort zone. However, these glasses are amazing! They have somehow held up through my klutzy tendencies and look super cute on! After my experience with these cute little frames, I am definitely going to listen to my gut and go with the crazy sunglasses next time.
P.S. Don’t you love my “shooting area”? Apparently, free coffee tables have multiple uses, not just for dancing on.

3. My inspirational phrase and cute red clock.


I am a BIG fan of Pinterest. The main reason I love this website is because they have the best quotes and phrases! When I moved into my current house, I knew that I had to put up a phrase on the wall so that I could always remember to stay positive in life and be the best I could be. Naturally, I chose this quote! I used washi tape for this (my landlords advise against painting) and figured a cute red clock would go nicely. My roommate also added “Drink O’Clock” for her 21st birthday party. It’s fitting as we love to enjoy our Friday nights!

4. This weird painting I made for no apparent reason.


One day, when I was trying to figure out something to do with free time, I decided that I wanted to be an artist and try my luck at painting. I’ve always thought mandalas were pretty and majestic af. So, naturally, that’s what I chose. Halfway through, I realized that painting is not my strong suit, but I still tried my best. This painting isn’t the bee’s knees, but I love it! It’s what I call my Gay Pride Mandala Look-Alike.

5. Last, but not least, my girly station.


I love this area of my room! My mom got me this mirrored tray a couple months ago and it makes me think of The Parent Trap when they are in the mom’s room and she has all the perfume and jewelry. It makes me feel so girly and cute! I love all the perfume, rings, sunglasses, and necklaces that I get to put on display.

So there you have it. There’s some of the things that I am currently enjoying this fine Thursday afternoon. It’s funny to think that random things like a pair of sunglasses or a vase of flowers will instantly brighten your day. What brightens your day?

Whatever it is that helps you get through the day, make sure you hold onto that. Remember that life can get rocky at times. Having something that helps you stay positive is good to have!

And remember to take everything a stride at a time ~


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