Product Review: Ariat Terrain Endurance Boots

***I do not receive any compensation for these posts; I just buy almost everything from Riding Warehouse because their headquarters are 5 mins away from where I live.

Guys….we need to talk about my new obsession. These boots are literally my life. Not only are they comfortable, they are unbelievably cute and super versatile.

I bought these boots because I hate how clunky and loud my other western boots are and I needed some boots for a hiking trip to Joshua Tree. That’s where I had the bright idea to buy boots that endurance riders wear. I mean, if they can do Tevis in these bad boys, I’m pretty sure these will work for me.

And I was right. They exceeded my expectations! The durable tread made climbing rocks, wrangling foals, and running around at the barn a complete breeze. Usually when I hike, I often find myself slipping one or two times. Not with these! I had sturdy traction in even the most rocky trails at Joshua Tree.

The sole was also amazing. I have completed around 20 hikes in these since I purchased them in March and my feet never feel tired or sore. In my old boots, I always haPictured the problem of sore feet after only 4 hours of chores at the barn. I can go from dawn until dusk in these and my feet never feel tired. They also have a heel, which makes them perfect for riding! They even have spur rests!!

These boots also withstand endless amount of dirt, dust, water, and other yucky stuff with ease. They’re so easy to clean, too! Even when they look disgusting, they are still super cute with the pink inside and camo on the ankle. Ariat definitely did a good job with making a masculine shoe as feminine as it can be.

So, these boots are very comfortable, very durable, functional, versatile…pretty much everything you want in a shoe. I will never stop wearing the Terrains. They replaced my other work boots and I will never go back. Their comfort is unbeatable. They are also made of leather so they still protect our feet when a rambunctious horse steps on them.

The only problems I have found in them are very small. With every hiking boot, they are rather bulky, so it makes it impossible to pack them while traveling. These boots also go up to your ankle, so if you don’t wear the proper socks, you will get rubs on your heel (trust me, I know from experience). Also, if you are going to use these boots for long-distance riding or hiking, I would highly recommend a cushioned sock that is made for hiking. Although these boots are very comfortable, they cannot protect against excessive fatigue.

All in all, I love these boots. If I could give everyone a pair, I would. They are amazing! If you are in the market for a pair of hiking boots, or want to have a pair of shoes that you can easily ride in and do barn chores, these are it!


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