Show Time!

I’m about to head out to the Santa Barbara jumper show! I’ve never competed in a sole jumper show. My past showing experience has been primarily eventing, so this will be a new and fun experience!img_3640_26976171045_o

One thing that I think everyone can relate with me on is that packing for shows is a process. Not only do you have to pack for yourself, but you need to pack for your horse, get everything clean, make sure you have everything, and give your horse a bath. All in a day’s work! It can be frustrating, but over the years I have learned a couple things that really help.

First of all, spacing tasks out really helps! I often forget a lot of things and often times end up buying new stuff or just forgetting crucial things, like a whip or a lunge line or something like that. I’ve found that packing over a couple of days really helps because you can think of everything you need and make sure you don’t forget anything.

Another helpful tip is remember to bring a sharpie, duct tape, and ziploc bags! For some reason, these essentials are necessary at shows and can never be found when you really need them.

It also helps to clean your tack before the show so you can have the day before to prepare for other things. I always get so busy the day before trying to get everything set up that cleaning my tack is the least of my worries. Having everything spotless before hand makes it easier to do spot treatments on the big day! The Effax Combi comes in handy for those finishing touches. It’s really convenient to use as you don’t need any water!

Try not to over pack. I know this is hard to do because there are so many “what if?” situations. Just remember that your other teammates will be around, as well as other trainers and barns. People will have extra things if you forget them! Everyone at the show is a horse person and will be more than willing to help if you forget some treats or a bell boot.

Take a deep breath and get excited!!! You’re about to show off your beastly abilities at whatever you excel in! I know how stressful shows can be, but you will rock it. Just have faith and have a good ride!


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