Update in My Life

Hi, guys…


So, the past couple of weeks have been a doozy for me. Every since April 1st my life has went from 0 to 60. I found out Raven was lame and has to be retired, I am graduating my MBA program soon, I am relocating to an area that I’ve never lived in, and soon I have to figure out the next career step to take in my life.

Needless to say, my life is a bit hectic right now. I’m in the middle of midterms and I have to take my MBA certification test next week. As much as I want to keep this blog up and running with a new post at least once a week, I am losing the time and motivation. I feel really bad because I love writing on this blog. It’s a bit of a passion for me and lately, I’ve been slacking.

As much as I don’t want to slack on something I love doing, sometimes life is incredibly unfair. When I was younger, I didn’t understand why everyone always said cherish the time you have as a teenager. Now, I get it. Being an adult means way too much responsibility all of the damn time. And it’s hard. I literally have no clue what kind of job to get, what I’m qualified for, what I like doing…honestly the list goes on. It’s really stressing me out and all I can think of is the easy lifestyle I had as a 16 year old.

But it’s also important to remember to take things one stride at a time (literally why I named the blog One Stride). I have such a hard time over-analyzing the little details that I forget about the big picture. I forget to live in the present and remember that life is great. It’s all in the positive mindset and focusing on one thing at a time. And I hope it’ll soon get easier like everyone talks about.

So I’m going to take things one stride at a time, and hopefully you will too!

(Side note: I went on pinterest to find one of my favorite quotes and I found this post that goes into more detail about what I’m talking about here. Funny how that happened!)



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