About Me

Hi, I’m Kait and just like every other horse-crazed girl, I started riding when I was really young and couldn’t quite shake the equestrian bug. My life has been filled with all types of horsey experiences like showing, training, and going to college to learn everything I can about my favorite animal on the planet. I am also a big fan of hiking and staying outdoors as much as possible. Whenever I have spare time and can’t ride, I am usually hiking a mountain to get away from life and enjoy the fresh air.

Enough about me, let’s talk about that beautiful horse we keep seeing in so many pictures!!!

I am blessed enough to own the best Hanoverian that always seems to make my best days seem better and the nasty ones seem okay. Seriously, this mare will jump the moon if you want, then go on a 10 mile beach ride and do a dressage freestyle. She’s the absolute best. I have owned her for about 8 years and I hope we can continue the streak for many more! In our younger days we rode in many 3-Day events and kicked complete arse. Now, we attend a jumper show or two but mostly hack around as it can be really expensive to show! You’ll definitely see many pictures of Raven on this blog. You also might see a guest appearance of my childhood pony, JellyBean 😛 (or Jackson, the cutest border collie around!)

So if you’re browsing the depths of the internet and stumble upon this website, just remember to take things one stride at a time!